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Nebraska Public Power District serves the total wholesale power requirements of 25 public power districts and rural cooperatives, 50 municipal customers and two partial requirements municipal customers in Nebraska. This means power is generated at NPPD’s generating facilities and is moved across miles of transmission lines to wholesale customers located throughout the state. These wholesale distributors then distribute the power to end-use customers. More than 70 percent of NPPD’s revenues are derived through wholesale power supply agreements. NPPD also serves approximately 89,000 customers at the retail level.

NPPD and its wholesale partners work closely on many issues to bring the best, energy-related services possible to Nebraska’s electric consumers at affordable rates. As the only, wholly public power state in the nation, Nebraska utilities have a unique relationship and a common purpose: to provide low-cost, reliable service with local control. Initiatives between NPPD and its wholesale partners ensure the advantages of public power are brought to all Nebraskans.

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